Mar 182010

Dear John and Anita,
I had a wondrous miracle happen today; a USPS Express mail letter came bearing the wallet I lost in Guatemala (including ALL contents!!!) Included was a very nice typed letter explaining they found the wallet in the hallway at Casa Santo Domingo, and had called the concierge to find me, but we had just checked out. They even had a money order made for the exact amount of cash I had in my wallet rather than sending cash via mail. WOW! They even apologized for the lateness. Incredible eh? This makes an even more perfect ending to the fabulous trip I took.
Natalie, Bob Burridge Art Workshop/Tour

Hello John and Anita,
I wanted to thank both of you for making our trip to Guatemala everything, and ‘more’ than we could ever expect. This was definitely the best vacation/adventure I have ever taken. Loved all the surprises and camaraderie! Guatemala is a beautiful country and I want to return soon. I’ve already been talking with my Toastmaster groups about your excellent planning and management of the group. Also, your knowledge of the country helped give us fast information and guided us to the best and most unique places to visit.
Thank you for a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed myself.
Sincerely, Lynn, Bob Burridge Art Workshop/Tour

John & Anita,
It was one of the best trips I have ever been on and my art is on a new level to boot. Thank you so much for my wonderful trip and the opportunity to make new friends! I left my heart in Guatemala, it is very happy there, so please let it stay until my body can return.
Jim, Bob Burridge Art Workshop/Tour

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